Monday, 15 October 2012

GLIMPSES OF HONG KONG / Morning, Noon and Night II

The south-western tip of Kowloon peninsula is occupied by the Star Ferry teminal, with its commanding view of Hong Kong island, Victoria Peak and its skyscrapers. On the left is the restored colonial building now known as Heritage 1881, a swanky retail centre for the super rich. The skyscraper behind it is also new.

Two panoramic views of Victoria Harbour from the Kowloon Star Ferry terminal, with the International Financial Centre Tower and Victoria Peak in the background. 

The Chinese artists and sculptor Yue Minjun is becoming very popular for his installations of the enigmatic "laughing man" (Why is he laughing? And is he laughing in happiness or pain?). Here are some of them in front of Star House and overlooking Victoria Harbour. There is also an exhibition of his in Harbour City where purchases can be made. Judging by Yue's ubiquity,  think they are all laughing their way to the bank. 

Hong Kong buildings new and old, off Peking Road in Kowloon's Tsimshatsui. The covered building on the right is not the latest Christo art-piece.  Supported completely by bamboo poles, it is possibly due for demolition, to be replaced by yet another skyscraper.

Some creative advertisements on the underground subway tunnels and MTR stations. I particularly like the health related ads, including "Use Antibiotics Wisely" by asking the right questions (left). So you should ask your friendly GP, "Do I really need antibiotics this time?" On the right, popular Hong Kong cartoon character Laofuzi advises his tubby friend Dafanshu on hygiene matters and not to spit indiscriminately (still a rather Chinese habit, apparently). 

It looks like the Hare Krishna sect is still well and alive, with followers of all races. They don't hang around the airport (like in the US) but their presence is still felt and heard in this Sunday afternoon at Mong Kok.

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