Thursday, 30 May 2013

FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD in Fort Worth, Texas

Breakfast burritos are de rigeuer in Texas, it seems.
I enjoyed some over coffee at Jake's Diner (top left and right)
and Cowtown Dinner (bottom left)

The thing with these piano competitions is that you need food between long sessions of piano playing. Finding a good place to eat, where service is fast and chow is more than tolerable, is of paramount importance. There is no shortage of good food in Fort Worth in the vicinity of Sundance Square. It isn't Hong Kong or Sydney (where the choices are super), but it certain beats Leeds (possibly the worst place in the world for food near a piano competition). There's no Chinese or Asian nearby but that's alright.

For Tex Mex, Cabo Grande (opposite the Worthington
Renaissance) is the place to go. I loved the great
helping of Chimichangas with nachos.

Meat lovers should not miss Riscky's all-you-can-eat
beef ribs at USD 9.90 per head.

Razoo's Cajun restauramt in Sundance Square
has the most interesting looking menus.

The food at Razoo's is pretty good too,
like this Cajun catfish dish.

For Italian cuisine, Uno's is very good value
for a wide variety of pasta dishes.

For burgers and fries, a walk to Ojos Locos
should not be too much of an exertion.

At Ojos Locos, the buns are big, the burgers juicy
and the views spectacular. It was Pianomaniac's idea
to bring Dr Gustav A.Alink along.
I hope our wives won't mind! 

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