Wednesday, 18 February 2015

PENANGUS DERELICTUS The Seamier Side of Georgetown

This nice building at the corner of Armenian and
Beach Streets is due for a clean-up.

Georgetown, the city centre of Penang, is full of charm and history, so little wonder it has gained the envied status of a UNESCO Heritage Site (something which has eluded Singapore thus far). However with that comes responsibility to preserve and conserve the old buildings and architecture within the inner city.  

The Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion and Chung Family Mansion are examples of "grand dames" which had fallen into decrepitude over the years but have gained a new lease of life under responsible new owners. 

Many old buildings are not to be demolished, but when developers are slow to buy over some of these buildings for a complete makeover, an inevitable decay takes place. This leaves many eyesores, some of which are just next door to properly refurbished properties. It is hoped that with time and gentrification, these old buildings will finally be restored to their proud original state.

This front entrance near Love Lane
must have seen better days.

A barber shop on Armenian Street,
hopefully not of the Sweeney Tood variety.

Dilapidation on Muntri and Beach Streets.
The joy of rust, and stencils put to good use.
A old bungalow fallen on bad times,
on Burmah Road near Nagore Place.
There is a certain character to walls with
blistering plaster and faded advertisements.

Even Armenian Street has some shockers.
The famous backpacker haunt off Penang Road,
Ai Goh Hotel with the other great eyesore,
Places of entertainment.
What's left of an old wall in New World, and the
now closed Odeon Theatre, where I once watched
Rambo III with my grandmother.
What a glorious mess, near Beach Street.
You won't want to come here at night!

Grubby backdoors, but one with a sense of humour.
Decaying walls in need of whitewash.

Sunday flea market on Armenian Street.
Anyone wants to buy a toilet seat cover?

Georgetown's loveliest feline.

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