Wednesday, 18 February 2015


The newly refurbished Hai Kee Chan, the ancestral home
of the Chung family, is now the Penang Peranakan Museum.

Oh how I love just love Penang! A recent trip in September 2014 to watch the Penang Philharmonic Orchestra brought back a lot of memories of old Penang, especially Georgetown, where I spend many a holiday during primary and secondary school vacations. 

My maternal grandparents were true blue Penangites, and although they stayed in Tanjong Bungah near the beaches, a day trip to busy Georgetown seemed to be a highlight, whether if they were doing their banking, shopping or just bringing their grandchildren for local hawker fare. 

Georgetown, now a UNESCO Heritage site, has received a complete revamp, making it a must for tourists seeking to experience what life was in old Penang. Much of the old buildings and localities remain the same but with some sprucing up, there is a great deal of charm to be had. So this is what Singapore was like during the 1960s and 70s! 

The ancestral temple of the Chung Family,
just adjacent to tghe Hai Kee Chan mansion.
Just admire the European-styled wrought iron fence.

Two shophouses on Armenian Street house
the Sun Yat Sen Museum and a Museum of Chinese opera

The grand dames of Chulia Street,
where Penang does its shopping.

More Georgetown shop fronts on Chulia Street,
Kimberly Street, Penang Road and Victoria Street.
Near the Kuan Yin Temple on Stewart Street.
Signs of the times, when 007 and Kim Novak
were considered fashion icons of the age.
I bet these shops looked exactly the same now
as they were in 1965.
Penang Road at 9 am on a Sunday morning: Deserted!
The pace of life in Georgetown seems to stand still,
and that's what I love best about Penang!

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