Tuesday 5 February 2013

A Short Guide To Concert Etiquette

Way back in 2001, a group of music-lovers from the Friends of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra were so dismayed by the behaviour of the general concert-goer at SSO concerts that they put their minds together to write a pamphlet about concert etiquette, about the dos and don'ts while attending a classical concert. This, A Short Guide To Concert Etiquette, was the result, and thousands of copies were distributed to audiences at SSO concerts in Victoria Concert Hall, with the hope they would sit up and pay heed. Nowadays, a similar message appears in the season booklet under the title New To SSO Concerts?, the gist of which first appeared in the pamphlet below. (Click on each image to enlarge)


Actually its all commonsense really, but that's something we can't always count on these days!

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