Tuesday 17 October 2017


The fourth concert of The Philharmonic Orchestra's Beethoven symphony cycle took place of Sunday (15 October 2017) and the Victoria Concert Hall. The concert conducted by Lim Yau featured Beethoven first and final symphonies. Beethoven's Choral Symphony was the main draw, and the concert hall was filled to the rafters. 

The performances were excellent and full of spirit, something we have come to expect from this orchestra, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. The choirs that participated were The Philharmonic Chamber Choir and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Chamber Choir. Here are some photos from the concert.
The ever-steady baritone William Lim was
the first soloist, with his delivery of
"O Freude, nicht diese Töne".
Taiwanese tenor Lin Chien-Chi
sang in the "Turkish march" segment.
The group of soloists was completed by
Taiwanese soprano Lin Ching-Ju and
Filipina mezzo-soprano Angela Cortez.
Proof that conductor Lim Yau
sings while he conducts.
Taking their bows.
Lim, Lin, Lin, Cortez and Lim. 

What are the chances of a Beethoven Ninth performance that features the conductor and three of four soloists with the same surname? (Lin is the Taiwanese version of the common Singaporean Chinese surname Lim.) Imagine a Bayreuth performance with four Furtwänglers conducting and singing.

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