Wednesday 17 December 2014


The garden of Sanjusangen-do Temple.
You can't take photos of the Buddhas with thousand arms,
but you can of the beautiful foliage (28 Nov 14)

Pianomania has been away for a while, which explains the absence of reviews between late November and early December. And this is the reason: a short week-long vacation to Kyoto, Japan to see the autumn colours. Here are some of my best pictures. The visions simply defy words, so I shall not comment further, except as to state where these beautiful trees may be found.

The solitary tree near the entrance of
Nishi-Honganji Temple. (28 Nov 14)

Nishi-Honganji Temple.

The path of Zen to Ryoanji Temple.

Is it possible to have five different shades
of leaves on the same tree? Ryoanji Temple (29 Nov 14)

The rock garden of Ryoanji Temple.

Fallen maple leaves, caught by a rock. Ryoanji

The pond of Ryoanji

Can't get enough of Ryoanji

Fallen petals at Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion).

A more rugged landscape
at Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion)

The garden of Ginkakuji (29 Nov 14)

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