Wednesday 17 December 2014


A sea of vermilion, along the Path of Philosophy,
near Nanzenji Temple. (29 Nov 14)

More ridiculously beautiful pictures of autumn leaves in Kyoto, Japan. Winter is about to arrive, and there is a sudden chill when the temperature drops from 12 to 2 degrees Celcius. The trees just don't know it yet, but they soon will. In the meantime, its paradise for photographers.

The view from the Hondo of Kiyomizudera Temple,
of the Pagoda of "easy births". (30 Nov 14)

Kiyomizudera floating in a sea of maples.

The garden of Kodaiji Temple. (30 Nov 14)

Has a picture of a ditch looked this beautiful?
Outside Tofukuji Temple (30 Nov 14)

More of Tofukuji 

The covered bridge at Tofukuji,
viewed from another covered bridge.

When it snows petals....
Near Kasuga Taisha Shrine, Nara (1 Dec 14)

The splendid and free
Yoshikien Garden, Nara

Another beautiful ditch, Yoshikien Garden

Autumn scene, Yoshikien Garden

Spring water, Gioji Temple in Sagano (2 Dec 14)

Last blades of autumn, Shoren-in (3 Dec 14)

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