Friday 9 January 2015


Lion Dance (Armenian Street),
in front of a souvenir and ice-ball shop.

I was staying in the Armenian Street vicinity of Georgetown, which is the best place to start hunting for murals. A number of shop fronts sport these murals, and they range from pretty refined to pretty witty. None were offensive, and few if any made some form of social commentary. 

Cat and Mouse, and Chinese wayang
(Armenian Street & Lorong Soo Hong)
Boy reaching out, and Girl on a swing
(Lebuh Cannon)
A really elaborate cartoon
on Chinese mythology (Lebuh Cannon),
near the gateway to the Khoo Kongsi.
Marge Simpson (Lorong Soo Hong),
fronting Georgetown's narrowest named road.
Animal murals (alleys behind Armenian Street),
back entrance to the Edelweiss Cafe.
There seems to be a recurring Cat & Mice theme
in the murals (Armenian Street).
Cat Procession, on the grounds of Cheah Kongsi
(Corner of Armenian Street and Lebuh Pantai).
The remaining mural at Chew Jetty,
which I'll title Melvyn Tan and Granny
The Minion and steel street history sign
(Lebuh Ah Quee).
Smart way to decorate a drain pipe
and T.Rex meal (Lebuh Ah Quee).
There was formerly a mural of a boy 

walking a dinosaur on a leash, 
but it looks like the T.Rex got hungry!
Unpainted wall on Lebuh Ah Quee.

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